Privacy Policy

Why the Privacy policy is needed?
We respect Your individual privacy. That is why this document was created. It includes our responsibilities to secure Your confidentiality through the system of private emailing practices.

If You have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

What information we need about our clients and why?
This website contains a free registration form. You are required to give minimum information that is needed for us to contact with you, identify you by sex and residency, and to create Your account. We use this information to keep in touch with you as well as with the services you are interested in. To make this process more effective, You can provide additional information about yourself.

To guarantee the quality of our services, we consider the way You use our files and information, by recording the website traffic, and by using the data from journal of users access to files.

Information received from You or about You, is downloaded into systems constructed in a way that prevents loses, improper uses, unsanctioned access or changes in that information.

We can use collected information to warn about factors that influence products You have registered, and to provide newsletters, information about products, services and offers. If you don't want to receive this type of information, You can just notify us about that by email.

Collective use of information
Your credit card information is needed to pay the fees when You buy our products. We use the services of one trusted company, 2CO, that uses Your credit card number to receive the fees. All information You provide in the purchase form is coded before it is being sent, so that interception possibilities by the third parties are eliminated. Your purchases are under total protection and will remain confidential.

jFirewall company NEVER receives the credit card number you put in the purchase form. Registration Companies where jFirewall company's products are registered take all responsibilities for all financial operations with your credit card.

Our responsibilities
When You buy our products You receive the protection of this Confidentiality Policy and You accept the terms by which Your information will be processed.

Employees' responsibilities
Employees of jFirewall have an access to personal information that is needed to fulfill legal goals only. Unsanctioned access and use of personal information by the employees of jFirewall is prohibited and punished.

Employees' access to Your information is limited by office operations they perform.


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