jFirewall Overview

jFireWall is the most advanced Joomla! security system available for Joomla 1.5, 1.7 and 2.5

jFirewall IDS (full name: jFirewall Intrusion Detection System) is a powerful component that ensures 100% protection of your website from hackers' attacks of any type.

Our longstanding experience as security systems engineers has helped us create a professional security component specifically for Joomla sites.

The most unique feature of jFirewall component is an automated security system which allows protection of any file on your web site: component, module, plug-in and any other file.

jFirewall is a powerful component with active security technology that automatically quarantines an attack using its own powerful scanners. jFirewall responds to any attack on your web site and immediately takes measures to block hackers.

jFirewall includes a warning system that informs you about attacks.

jFireWall protects from:

  • SQL-injection
  • PHP-injection
  • XSS Vulnerability
  • RFI and LFI Vulnerability
  • File Upload Vulnerability
  • CSRF Exploit
  • Header Vulnerability

jFirewall ensures that your web site is under solid security 24/7


jFirewall is a unique security component that uses 2 types of protection for your website. Plug-in & .htaccess – are two methods that give 100% security for your website.

jFirewall is a professional firewall security component for your Joomla website. jFirewall works according to a certain set of rules. And you can create an unlimited quantity of these rules yourself. For example: you can block individual IP addresses, access from any country, or countries.

Smart security scanners!

The best feature of jFireWall is automation. You don't have to configure additional options.

Translations: jFirewall is available in 2 different languages. Translations included in current version are:

  • English
  • Russian

Protect your website now! Download the latest version!

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