jFirewall FAQ

What is the jFirewall?

jFirewall IDS is a unique and professional component to protect your Joomla website.

What is the security scanners?

Security Scanner is a detection system hacking of the jFirewall IDS. To successfully detect hacker attacks, you need to download the latest version of security scanners.

Where to download security scanners?

jFirewall security scanners you can be download on the page "Download security scanners" only after purchasing a subscription to the page "Buy now".

Does the scanners last forever?

Yes, the security scanners lasts forever. You can upgrade to the latest version at any time or you can stick with your version.

Can you install it for me?

Yes, we provide Free services for installing and configuring the jFirewall.

Installation are easy and you can do it yourself. If you are stuck, email us your questions, including the URL of your page.

How can I pay?

All our payments are handled through 2Checkout. We accept both paypal and major credit cards. Read more here.

Do you provide free support?

Yes, we provide fast support by email. Free of charge. Just use this contact form.

We are working from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM +6.00 GMT.


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